Unconfirmed General Hospital Spoilers

Olivia begins having visions of a baby.
Bobbie returns.
Robins polonium cure brings lots of attention.
Sean Donely gets the cure too
Sean and Tiffany make a return visit to PC.
AJs trial is surprise filled.
Sonny makes Duke an offer he can’t refuse.
Scott begins to spend time with Ava, making Morgan insecure.
Morgan finds himself slowly being pushes aside.
Julian has questions when Bobbie comes to town.
Britt and Nik get closer and the truth about Ben surfaces.
Nikolas still stands by Britt even after he learns she stole Lulu’s embryo.
When cetain information comes out during AJs trial, Liz needs a friend.
Liz tries to turn to Nikolas, but Britt is there.
The mob war gets ugly and personal.


Maxie fights the urge to see her baby
AJ thinks he’s done for

Bobbie walks in to Luke’s penthouse

All hell continues to break loose at Wyndemere

Ellie wants to help with the baby?

Bobbie has a few choice words for Carly regarding Franco

Duke says NO to Sonny

Robin is finally seen by those that really, really matter

Luke and Nikolas need saving–but who save them?

Robin rushes to stop the wedding

Bobbie gets an eyeful when she goes to see Luke, in the form of Jerry.

Felix must console Sabrina

Maxie finds out Robin is alive

The hit on Shawn is going to go wrong, who’s in the way of gunfire this time?


All spoilers came from here : http://s10.zetaboards.com/Daytime_Dish/topic/7470862/14/

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